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MultiSUITE Software Maintenance Agreement

1. Definitions
The following definitions are referred to within this document. Software Licence Agreement means the Agreement whereby the
Licensee is granted a right to use the software. This Agreement is said to be accepted by the licensee when prompted by the software installation program.

Licensor: MultiSUITE Software
Licensee: End User
Software: MultiSUITE and all modules and shall include any replacements, upgrades or additions supplied under this Agreement or under the Licence Agreement.

Maintenance Charge means the annual change payable for the provision of this Software Maintenance Agreement

Documentation means the on-line or printed manuals and other documents associated with the software.

Error means a program instruction or instructions contained in the software which cause incorrect output to be produced when executed
with correct data and which is a result solely of a fault in the design of the software.

Feature means a process where improved or additional functionality has been added to the software

Software Upgrades shall mean upgrades to the software supplied to the Licensee and may be supplied either by compact disk (CD) or by
download file from the web site.

2. Agreement
This Agreement provides for the continued supply of all automatic upgrades and technical support for the MultiSUITE Software products
at the office location(s) specified on this Agreement.

3. Services provided
- Automatic MultiSUITE electronic news (eNews) sent by email
- Access to Frequently asked Questions forum on web site
- Automatic notification by email of upgrades to the MultiSUITE
- Download Service from our Web Site:
- MultiSUITE Upgrades relating to compatibility with changes in

AutoCAD and Microsoft Windows releases
- End User Telephone, Fax and email support
- The MultiSUITE is continually developed to provide superior detailing functionality and productivity.

4. Changes in Detailing Methods and Detailing Standards
Minor changes or amendments to existing detailing standards and methods will be addressed as part of the ongoing nature of software
development. However new standards in whole or in part which replace or supersede existing standards are not included within this Agreement.  An additional charge may fall due in such circumstances when new standards are introduced.

5. Changes in AutoCAD
As part of this Agreement we will make every effort to remain compatible with future versions of AutoCAD. However as an
independent software developer we cannot guarantee future compatibility. If the MultiSUITE Software is compatible with the latest
version of AutoCAD then you will receive MultiSUITE Software upgrades for that version of AutoCAD as part of this agreement. If
MultiSUITE Software proves not to be compatible with future versions of AutoCAD then you will still receive MultiSUITE upgrades for the last version of AutoCAD that is supported by MultiSUITE Software. Generally we will support the same version of Microsoft Windows as is supported by AutoCAD.

6. Notification of Upgrades
Where prior notification of contact has been provided we shall automatically inform by email when upgrades are available for
download. This email will then be sent to one nominated technical contact within your company.

7. Additional software purchases
Any additional MultiSUITE software that is purchased will be automatically added to this Agreement and charged on a pro-rata basis to coincide with your annual renewal date.

8. Automated Maintenance Charge
The Maintenance charge is based on a percentage of the single copy retail price of the software. The Licensor shall have the right to vary this charge . A greater charge will be made to reinstate terminated or lapsed Agreements. An automatic annual renewal of the maintenance
will be advised to all maintained clients. Four weeks prior to the annual renewal date an invoice will be automatically sent to you. Annual renewal notice will also serve as notice of any change of rate. The maintenance charge is to be paid in full on an annual basis.
On receipt of your Invoice please ensure that it is forwarded to your accounts processing department.

9. Terms of Payment
The maintenance charge shall be payable within 30 days of the invoice date.

10. Termination
If you no longer wish to maintain your MultiSUITE software you must write to us no less than four weeks before the end of your last
Agreement date stating that you do not wish to maintain your software and that you wish to terminate this Agreement.

11. Reinstatement of Maintenance
If the Licensee terminates the Maintenance Agreement he may at any subsequent time within two years of the date of termination elect to
reinstate Software Maintenance on the terms of this Agreement and will be subject to a higher Maintenance Charge to reinstate the Agreement.

12. Transference of Agreement
This Agreement relates to the office location specified by the Company location recorded on our client database. On occasion the location is shown in brackets at the end of the company name. The Licensee shall not assign any rights or obligations under this Agreement.

13. Arbitration
Any dispute or difference which may arise between the Licensee and the Licensor in connection with or arising out of this Agreement may, by Agreement of both parties, be resolved by arbitration, in which event such dispute or difference shall be referred to a single arbitrator to be agreed between the Licensee and the Licensor or, failing such Agreement.

14. Law
Unless otherwise agreed this Agreement shall be subject to and in accordance with English Law and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of England.

15. Exclusive Statement
This Maintenance Agreement is, together with the Software Licence Agreement, the complete and exclusive statement of the Agreement
between the parties which supersedes all proposals or prior Agreements oral or written.


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