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Build date: April 8, 2020

Please scroll down this page and install the required MultiSUITE Upgrade for the version of CAD you are using.
Windows SmartScreen may warn you before installing - Click 'More info' and [ Run anyway ] button.

Once installed start your CAD product in the normal way. Type MABOUT at the command line to confirm the 'Build date' matches the date above.

MultiSUITE upgrades for AutoCAD®

MultiSUITE for AutoCAD 2021

MultiSUITE for AutoCAD 2020

MultiSUITE for AutoCAD 2019

MultiSUITE for AutoCAD 2018

MultiSUITE for AutoCAD 2017

MultiSUITE for AutoCAD 2016

MultiSUITE for AutoCAD 2000 - 2015

MultiSUITE upgrades for BricsCAD®

MultiSUITE for BricsCAD 2020

MultiSUITE for BricsCAD 2019

MultiSUITE for BricsCAD 2018

MultiSUITE for BricsCAD 2017

MultiSUITE for BricsCAD 2016

MultiSUITE for BricsCAD 2013 - 2015

MultiSUITE upgrades for GstarCAD®

MultiSUITE for GstarCAD 2019

MultiSUITE for GstarCAD 2018

MultiSUITE for GstarCAD 2017

MultiSUITE for GstarCAD 2016

MultiSUITE for GstarCAD 2013 - 2015

MultiSUITE upgrades for ZWCAD®

MultiSUITE for ZWCAD 2015

MultiSUITE for ZWCAD 2014

MultiSUITE for ZWCAD 2012

MultiSUITE CAD upgrade



Autodesk® - Free .dwg convert 2018 back to 2010 file format

Autodesk DWG TrueVIEW™ 2018 (32bit)

Autodesk DWG TrueVIEW™ 2018 (64bit)


Open Design Alliance - Free .dwg converter

Free .dwg File Converter (free conversion of .dwg to any version)


MultiSUITE Help Pages

MultiSUITE Help Pages


MultiSUITE Tutorial Videos

MultiSUITE Tutorial Videos


USB Hardware Lock Drivers and Files

USB Hardware lock driver (32bit and 64bit) Version 7.65 - March 2018

SafeNet - Sentinel/Aladdin/Hasp
Click here to see what lock you have ?

(Version 8.32) May 2008 - Size: 16,748 kbNetwork License Manager (32bit and 64bit) - May 2008

(Version 1.4.2) May 2007 - Size: 1,816 kbNetwork License Monitor (32bit and 64bit) - April 2007



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